Monday, November 22, 2004

Sittin' in the GSA, watchin' all the boys go by...

Sittin' in the GSA, givin' all the boys the eye!
Brother you can't know a nicer occupation.
Matter of fact, neither do I!
Than sittin' in the GSA, watchin' all the boys, watchin' all the boys...

Go by!
EDIT: Parody of lyrics from The Most Happy Fella by Frank Loesser.

Whew... not much time to talk, though I've got a lot to say. I am somewhat hesitant about writing it, because I don't want Steve to feel as if he's hurt me, because he hasn't, but nevertheless there're some things I need to write about.

He's in Arizona this week, at least until Thursday. I miss him.

Well, best get to class.
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