Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Prediction time

Okay, let's see whether I have any ability to predict the future!

In the coming four years:
  • more war, duh

  • the war will require more money, which will lead to larger deficits

  • larger deficits will, in turn, require more taxes (but not for the rich!

  • consequently, the gap between rich and poor will grow)

  • Because of the deficits and monies being channelled into the war, there will be less funding for science, education and the arts

  • Because of lack of funding, scientists, researchers and such will search for funds elsewhere, resulting in BRAIN DRAIN

  • the return of the draft, as swiftly as possible, and in a BIG way

  • the eventual collapse of the democratic party (maybe not in the next four years, but come on, people!)

  • more alienation of the world against us the United States

  • Brazil's increasing importance in world affairs and politics

  • privatization of spaceflight

  • continued Imperialism and Globalization

Okay, well that's enough doom and gloom for now.
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