Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Okay, folks, here we go...

The eve of the election. It's... nerve-wracking, which is strange, in a way. Either way (and I'm refering to the presidential race), it's going to be bad. American Imperialism will continue unabated, innocent people of all races and religions and ethnicities (and so on) will be killed or imprisoned.


Anyway, if you haven't voted yet, via early voting or absentee ballots, then get yourself to the polls tomorrow. Supposedly your workplace is legally required to allow you to go, though I haven't found evidence of that (maybe just in Oregon?).

Oh, and, for those of you in the appropriate counties: YES on 4B (the Science and Cultural Facilities District)! !!! !!!!!!!!!!!! Like, seriously. All the community musical groups I know of would fail without this support, not to mention a plethora of other things that depend on it... like the Museum and the Zoo. YES on 4B!

And... Linkage time:

Sinfest Propoganda - Funny :-D
It's time to form a Leftist Firing Squad: Everybody get into a circle - from Radgeek. Very interesting and a course I would suggest highly.
The FULL transcript of bin Laden's speech, from al Jazeera (in English!). I very highly suggest that you read this.
Victoria's Dirty Secret - Environmentalism time. Recycled paper's very nearly, if not as good, as new. Bastards. I won't be looking at any more of THEIR catalogs. ;-)
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