Friday, November 19, 2004

Holy freakin' cow...

Alright, where to start?

Wednesday was alright, though I was up too late Tuesday and consequently tired all day. Then, went to rehearsal (new violist! Yay! Oh, and did I mention that Gavin is now coming to DPO? Also Yay!), and then to Steve's house to spend the night. Got to explore new ways of intimacy with him, which was fun. And educational. *nods*

This morning, it was hard to get up and leave Steve's arms. I was so tired, I wanted to just sleep through it all. But, we did eventually get up and I took him to work before heading back to Boulder. I was intending to go to class... but by the time I got up here it was about 9:15, and I hadn't had a shower. So I took my shower and worked on my project for a while before I went to work, which was alright. Though I didn't get as far as I would've liked. After work, I went over to Parm's house to work some more on the project, and then I went over to The Yard for the drag show, "Once Upon a Drag Night." And this is the holy freakin' cow.

We packed the place. Somehow, our adverts worked. It was filled to capacity, on a Thursday. We were collecting $3/person at the door.

Yeah. Excellent fundraiser.

In addition, we held a 50-50 raffle for BCAP, which brought in over $300 total (so around 150 for BCAP and 150 for the winner)... and the winner was my PSP brother, Buffy! AND, she decided to donate the money back to DLP! How did I get such cool brothers?

So, all in all, the night was quite good. Still waiting on the final count, after we pay the bar staff and such, but... We've been asked back, apparently, too.

Oh, and the little bit I saw of the show was good (I was a doorman, taking money from people as they arrived). Dusty, my big, aka Monica Moree, was FABULOUS, as always. And even Andrew showed up! In drag! Hehe, ah so much fun. Unfortunately, most of the other drag queens that were SUPPOSED to be there, weren't... Next time I'm going to have Arte come, so we have someone dependable.

Anyway, I really need to get to bed. Take care, everyone. Oh, and I have Butterbraids for sale! Let me know if you want one, they're $9 each. You have until Monday.
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