Friday, November 05, 2004

Determination and Forward-thinking

I thought I would contrast yesterday's predictions with some positive linkage. So, here it is!

Pizzuti has an idea for a "Progessive Values Coalition", which is a fantastic idea, if you can get the Progressives to actually, well, do it.

William Gillis talks about how the movement that has been built in the past few years can continue, but we have to keep going. He also discusses the case for not abandoning America.

Isaac Laquedem has a letter to President Bush reminding him that he does not have a 'mandate' and that there are many issues to work on.

There's also Ten Reasons Not to Move to Canada, and the Distributed Library Project, which I'm thinking about joining.

And, even though it isn't exactly uplifting, it does remind me why I'm Queer by Choice: Matthew Shepard Died for Your Sins (and other bitchy ramblings).
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