Monday, December 29, 2003

Okay, let's see... Christmas was good. I got what I asked for (with the exception of scores as my parents don't know what I have), which means I have new ties, a new toaster, a nose hair trimmer (mom refused to buy one either for myself or dad... so we bought each other ones ;-) and some books, two Terry Pratchett Discworld novels, which I've already finished reading. I love having no work and no classes. I can just read to my heart's content. After present-opening, we played the brand-new Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit. Until we were late for dinner at my aunt's house. Hehe, but we made it not too late. Dinner went well, and Amy, Terry and I played Lord of the Rings Risk, which was actually disappointing. So Amy came up with a bunch of new territories and stuff for it based on maps she found in the novels. We'll have to give it a try soon. Another problem with the game is that the "continents" and territories aren't easy to see, like in regular risk. It seems poorly designed to me, but oh well. Mandy even called while we were there, so I got to talk with her a bit. I never seem to know what to say, though. I've always looked up to her, but I don't feel like we ever quite connected like we could have.

Friday went well. Long quartet rehearsal. Eizo brought Cannon (odd name, huh?), who Eizo bills as a friend but I suspect is his boyfriend. Cannon doesn't play, and to be honest kinda freaked the rest of us out by walking around Bobbette's house and generally being creepy. Oh well. Eizo seemed... not quite himself, but not as mopey as we had feared he might be. I wanna give him a big ol' hug but I'm not sure that's what he wants. Plus I wouldn't want Cannon to think I'm trying to steal him away...

Saturday was Grandma's birthday. So, we got up bright and early and made our way down to the nursing home after picking out some clothes for her. She was in a bad mood when we arrived, but we managed to cheer her up, I think. Her mind is almost completely gone, though. I don't want to live like that, so if you come upon me in such a state and it's likely that I won't recover (ie, I'm not drunk or something like that), put me out of my misery. Quickly. Anyway, in the evening was the wedding gig. It sucked. Badly. We didn't fade well or together, and we had a hard time seeing and hearing... but they were happy with it, so who am I to say anything? We learned a bunch, though. We need to learn to play in sub-optimal conditions, for one thing.

Arte got me a gift, too, so I'll try my best to remember her birthday (the 13th of January, I believe) and get her something. She got me a pride treble clef pin and a pride bracelet, which I will now wear everyday in the hopes that a) someone will see it and it will be a ray of hope in their lives to know that they're not alone and b) a cute guy will see it and ask me out ;-). I still need to talk with Brandon. Find out what he thinks of the situation. 'Cause I'm starting to get attached, and that's bad when the other person isn't even around (believe me, I know). She also let me borrow a couple books, one of which is the Front Runner, which is "the most celebrated gay love story ever." We'll see, but it is good so far.

Today, well... jazz rehearsal is about it. Dinner tomorrow with the quartet. I need to work on the ASSG website, and I'm really distracted right now so if I feel like it I'll finish this later.

Thursday, December 25, 2003

Well, I know it's a bit late, but Happy Solstice, and in about a half hour, Merry Christmas.

I played a candlelight service tonight (actually two). It was a good service. Nearly inspired me to join. Fortunately, I regained my senses in time. But there was a certain sense of community that I haven't quite found otherwheres. DLP is nearly there. I'm not quite sure what it needs. But I think it will come.

We finally got ahold of Eizo, who has agreed to do the gig, though he will not be sticking around afterwards for dinner. Poor guy. I wanna hug him and let him know it'll be okay.

Folks, also, if you're mentioned in here, even if I'm not very nice to you, then you need to remember that I still like you. I like folks even if I find what they do silly. And that's most everyone, including myself.

I also wonder whether I've been very Taoist lately. It almost seems like I want to coerce events into what I want, which strikes me as very un-Tao-like. Maybe I should just let Brandon and myself be and take whatever happens? The other side of that, though, is that I don't want to miss out on something like that because neither of us was willing to make a move.

Supposedly Kyonee and Papu have a blog on blogspot. I want to find it.

And, Scott just helped me remember that, "whether you swim with the current of the tao or against it, it still sweeps you along." So the answer to my question is: relax.

And happiness was regained in the student, and the Tao flowed onward.

Goodnight. Merry (freakin' ;-) Christmas. Love to you all. May peace be found in all of your lives.

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Hey everyone (yes, all three of you ;-). Well, I'm back at my parents' house now, so that probably means the updates will be less frequent. But, on the plus side, they will probably also be longer. Well, maybe that's a plus. Do you like snippets or novels?

Anyway, since Thursday morning: I had lunch with Tony, and it was a good lunch, he'd had his review Thursday and one of his staff had given him poor feedback, so he was a little upset about that, but otherwise things were going well. After that, I called Scott and we had coffee with Todd (where we ran into Clay, who later IMed me to tell me that they are both cute, which I was aware of). After coffee we stopped by my apartment, picked up my (old) computer and played some AoE at his house. It was fun, though it took me a little while to get into the game and understand what I needed to do. Afterwards, Sarah showed up since they were going to a movie with some friends that night, and we were on the way to my apartment when I somehow mentioned that I was going clubbing that night but didn't really have suitable clothes. So Scott and Sarah decided it would be fun to help me pick out new clothes, and I admit it was kinda fun, though I think they forgot that I was going to a gay club since they insisted that I wear a white shirt underneath an unbuttoned shirt. Silly folks.

Anyway, after I got back to my apartment and took a shower, I headed over to Jason's apartment. I was right... as soon as I walked in, they started picking at my outfit. They had me lose the white undershirt and wear one of David's shirts instead of my button-up shirt. They also made me change me shoes from my admittedly not-that-comfortable brown "tennis" shoes to a larger but ultimately less comfortable pair of near-boot clown shoes. Or at least, that's how they felt on me. But, apparently I looked good, so who am I to complain? At about this point they decided that they wanted to see my physique, which I admit is not quite stunning. But, they asked for it, and I had already had at least something to drink following no dinner, so I'm sure my judgment wasn't the best at the time, so I unbuttoned my shirt and showed them. They decided that I needed to work out with them since I had a relatively decent body already and I haven't been working out.

Anyway, after a few more glasses of rum and coke, or who knows what they were fixing by then, Jessie called and asked if we wanted a ride. We immediately accepted, and were fortunate to have a DD for the evening. Thanks Jessie! The club, Dream, was alright. I've decided that it's much more fun when you're drunk because the flashing lights are pretty instead of annoying and the music isn't too loud. So I danced, and danced, and lost a cup of ice and a poster to the dance floor because of my drunkeness... And eventually a number of folks had shown up. And it was fun. But despite his promise, Jason did not pimp me out to anyone, so I still haven't ever kissed a boy. Oh well.

As we were leaving the club, we were standing outside talking, and apparently I looked cold because Brandon offered (practically insisted) that I take his jacket. I wasn't cold, so I refused, but he's still such a sweetie. More about Brandon in a bit.

After the club, we went to Denny's, and there was nearly a fight in the restaurant when some guys came in and picked a fight with an apparently random table. It was not us, fortunately.

Then we went back to Jase's and I picked up my clothes and Jessie took me home (to my home, silly). Oh, Jessie, if you read this, and I say this while completely sober: I think you're hot and you are the reason I joined the fraternity (though the one is not the cause of the other).

Friday morning I found out about what happened to my Big Brother, Dusty. While I was out dancing and being drunk (though not disorderly, unless you count the dancing), he was attacked at a gas station for the ostensible reason that he is white (the other was black, though I count it likely that the other was drunk, as well). To make matters worse, the police that arrived on the scene refused to do anything about it, neither make arrests nor even look at the video footage. And I can't express my sadness about our world that such things happen in it, probably several every hour. It's a senseless world. And I don't know what to do about it.

Anyway. I played a while longer with the GIMP before Brandon called to see if I wanted to hang out a while before the "Round the World" alcohol party that the sixth floor was having. So, I headed up, and "Buddhist" Brian was there and so were Kyonee and Papu, and we had a fun time. Some other people came and went, and the party never really got much beyond Brandon's apartment. But that was alright with me. We had tequila (don't even bother. Yuck!), vodka (yay!) and rum (yay!). So suffice it to say I was very drunk that night.

I must say that I'm very impressed with Brandon, whether he was drunk or not, in the way that he managed us and kept us from drinking too much. He even knew how to stop Papu, which was a very good thing, since Papu doesn't quite know when to stop yet. There was some dancing (yes with Brandon), which was difficult since there wasn't much room, but we made it happen. There were some charades. There was Geoff trying to decide whether he should make a pass at Brian so he could at least have a kiss before the New Year (didn't happen). And towards the end, when I was quite drunk, I got emotional while talking with Brandon. And I admitted that I like him, but that I'm scared of him. And that I wanted to be with him. And I stand by that now. I am scared, but I have seen that he cares deeply for us, and that he is a good man. I must not do anything for now, because we are both pledges in the same pledge class, but that will only be for a few months. I enjoyed my drunken cuddle-time. :-)

Anyway, eventually I stumbled home (which meant down the hall to the elevator, then down another hall to my apartment) and collapsed into bed after hearing a message from mom saying that they were going to be by about noon to pick me up the next day. Not something you really want to hear at 4 in the morning.

Anyway, I woke up drunk, which was a surprise to me. Saturday was shopping with Amy. Sunday nothing out of the ordinary happened, except that I found my knitting needles and yarn and am trying to learn how to knit. Monday Amy had her wisdom teeth out, which put her our of it for most of the day, though the surgery went really well and she's actually doing really well right now. Today (Tuesday despite the log entry date) I mostly hung around the house, except for going to a rehearsal for a Christmas eve service I'm playing in. No, no, I'm not Christian, but I am a musician, and musicians are notably mercenary. A gig's a gig, after all, and even if I'm not getting paid (which I believe is the situation) at least some folks know about me and I might get some gigs out of this. For the gig on Saturday, well, Bobbette hopefully got the music back from Chan today, and I still haven't heard from Eizo, so if I don't hear from him soon I'm going to have to try to find a substitute and fast.

Okay, well hopefully that kept you entertained as long as it did me. Have some happy holidays and wish me luck.

Thursday, December 18, 2003


The rest of Monday went alright. To be honest I don't remember much of it, but that's not because I was drinking. Tuesday most of the colony went over to drop off the gifts for the family, and then Papu Kyonee and I walked Tony to his final, then I went to help Nara move into her new dorm room. Met her father, who really reminds me of Rader's dad. Anyway, then we went to dinner at Libby and I went to the UMC to meet with Veronica. She's got a lot of ideas about how she wants the site to be updated, but I think she doesn't have so many about the design, so that's good. It gives me some creative freedom and some time to think about the design as well. We talked about it for an hour. I also got the passwords from Eugene for the website and the email address, which is a hugely good thing since Veronica wanted me to create email lists for the judicial and legislative boards, and the name that I had picked for the leg board was already taken... By the ASSG... so, now that I've got the password for the list, I can start doing that. Plus I can get into the website now, too. And eventually I'll tell them how to use the outlook thingy with the email. Or maybe we'll just transfer the account back to webmail. Either way.

Wednesday morning was the Intro to LGBT Studies final. It was really easy. And the prof brought muffins and orange juice! And green carnations for us, a la Oscar Wilde. Yay! And I got an A- on my revised paper, so that's definitely a good thing. I came back here and played around on my comp some more (I've been learning to use the GIMP lately), and along about 2:30 I started wondering where Jason was, and whether or not we'd be doing the queer eye thing. Turns out he assumed that I'd be going with Chris & Co to LotR:RotK, which I totally would've been, except that I thought we were going to do the Queer Eye thing. But, it did work out, we went to see the 3:30 showing (which got out at 7, doncha love it?), and then we went to dinner. The movie was AWESOME. Gorgeous, exciting, I laughed occasionally, I was teary-eyed in certain parts, I really don't like it when people clap for a non-live performance but oh well, they were excited. And, of course, as Jason said, Elijah Wood is hot even when he's dirty and injured. My stance is still that these three movies are a masterpiece.

Anyway, that about brings us to now. I'm going to lunch with Tony in a little bit here and then hang out with Scott. But first, a shower.

Oh, yeah! My Big Brother is a drag queen! Hehe, how cool is that?

Monday, December 15, 2003

So, I'm thinking ritual suicide is a good option at this point.

Hi, I'm back from my physics final which was this morning. It kicked my ass from here to Mars and back again. I think I'll be lucky to pass the class. English is definitely looking like a good major right now.

Since the last update, good and bad things.

Wednesday night was rehearsal, which got out early, which was nice. Thursday was sleep-and-work-on-take-home-exam-and-paper day. And then go to class and turn them in. And then do a dance for joy because class is over for the semester. Yay! Afterwards, I went to jazz rehearsal for the concert on Saturday. Rehearsal was alright, nothing really great, though. Got my mail from my parents'. Friday I worked for four hours 'cause I didn't have any class and then came back and wasted my time on my computer for a while until the guys came over and we wrapped presents for the family we're adopting. We talked for a while afterwards, and they decided my apartment needs to be "queer eyed," so wednesday afternoon we're going shopping. 'Twill be interesting, and hopefully not too expensive.

Saturday was my french final. It either went well or very poorly. We'll see. After that, the jazz band played for the Festival of Lights (actually, we played before the parade started because we played during it last year and it was much too cold for us). There were good parts and bad parts, as usual. Afterwards, I came home and went to Fiasco's to meet the Brothers and most of the rest of the pre-colonists. Then we headed back to the Brothers' hotel room and talked and played "Mafia." It was much fun. I played four games and was the murderer twice. In a row. Mwhahahah! I almost got away with it the second time.

Sunday morning I had to work for four hours starting at 7:30. We had a banquet buffet that we had to prepare for. I was only able to snitch one half of a potato pancake, though, because I had to rush home and over to Fred's to get to the DPO concert. The concert went really well, actually. My parents came and said they enjoyed it a lot. Then, back up here, and I was able to make up a quick pizza thingie before heading off to Induction. Actually, Webb saw me along the way, and I didn't have anything decent to dress in, so he let me borrow some of his clothes. Thanks Webb! I'm going to need to get a tie and find where the hell my khakis have disappeared to (they must be at my parents' house, since there's nowhere here to hide). Induction was fun, and interesting. The view from the mountain is amazing. I must start hiking. Eighteen of us is quite a number, but I think we can do it. Afterwards we went back to the UMC and had a little party/meeting. There's a lot ahead for us to do, but I know that we all can do it. We also got divided up into "families" by who our Big Brother is. Mine had to leave earlier than he expected, so he wasn't there, but that's alright. We've got surrogates for when he's not here. My siblings are: Jeff and Tony. Yay! I like Jeff and Tony (wait-a-minute, I like everyone...). After the meeting, we went to OC and hung out for a while. Brandon can be such a sweetie sometimes.

We're a colony now! Yay! And we're on the map, too!

Anyway, I think that's about all I've got to tell you right now. Queer eye for the queer guy on Wednesday, I'm meeting with Veronica on Tuesday to go over the website, and Thursday is clubbing/partying, as is Friday, come to think of it. I need to get gifts for people yet. Eep.

Stupid physics.

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

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Ahahah! See, all you boiz out there?!?! :-p
Okay, new look for the blog 'cause I thought the default style had been there long enough. More changes ahead? Who can say? Probably.

Hmm, well let's see. Monday night I... screwed around on the computer until bedtime. Played some Freeciv for a while until it unexpectedly crashed on me. I'm not angry though. Firstly, it was just the client that crashed; the server was still up and running, and secondly I don't think there were any other players in the world. Not even AI, so I'll have to figure out how to do that soon here.

Tuesday, Physics was cancelled because the sub got in a car accident on the way to class, so I'm hoping the final won't have much on PDEs. Rise/Fall Rome was interesting. The prof went over some sample test questions and then described some work he'd done in Turkey at Aperlae. After that was lunch, and I was heading back home when I saw Sarah, so I decided I should probably do some office hours and followed her up to the office. Fortunately, Scott had left a Game Developer Magazine in the office, and I read that for a while before I read some more Utopia. Then to LGBT Studies, where we had our final presentation. All that remains is to turn in my paper revisions and take the final. Woohoo! I worked a bunch on the paper last night, and on my Semantics take-home as well. So far, so good.

This morning, work... And I found out that my work schedule for finals week is actually going to work out! Of course, I have to go in at 7:30 on Sunday, but otherwise it's very nice. Class today was okay. Gave my email addy to Andy, we'll see whether anything comes of that. I ran into Todd after lunch and spoke with him for a while before coming back here. Then Papu and Kyonee dropped by, those silly boys. We talked for a while before they had to go do some work. And here I am.

Utopia's... interesting. Some aspects about it, such as the seemingly socialist nature of Utopia, are very appealing. Other aspects discussed, such as essentially permanent enslavement of thieves (though, granted, this was in a neighboring country and, in addition, did sound quite a bit better than capital punishment), are appalling. Nevertheless, it's interesting so far, once I get past the wall of language that is old formal english (not anglo-saxon, though).

That's 'bout it for now.


Monday, December 08, 2003

Well, well, well, apparently someone is reading my blog since someone requested comments... so they should work, now. Be happy.

I forgot something that was actually really cool that happened last friday. In A-S, the prof brought in a swordmaker to talk to us about swords and other weapons from the time of the anglo-saxons. He brought in a fairly wide range, from a Roman cavalry sword (replica) up to an Irish, well, it wasn't exactly a broadsword, but as I recall it was two-handed. Swordmakers used to take soft iron and carbonized iron (steel), and make parts of the blade separately. Then, they would weld them together, with the harder steel on the outside and the iron on the inside providing support. Of course, some also folded the steel into the iron to get a blend... and Damascus blades (or what were called Damascus blades in the old days) were made from taking the steel and iron, melting them together and then fashioning a sword. But that process usually left the blade very inhomogeneous. When higher temperatures were reached later, the smiths had access to a relatively cheap form of homogenized metal... and sword prices went down. Very interesting lecture, nice guy. He brought in some speartips, too, and we got to handle the weapons (heheheh). Only the guys seemed to actually pick them up though. Maybe the guys were just the pushiest? Ah well, anyway.

Friday night... I did get to go to the party, kinda. I got there a bit early, and helped set up (and injured my finger somehow... I think the couch that we had to move had splinters). And for some reason I ended up folding the host's laundry. I'm much too nice sometimes. I shouldn't be such a pushover. Anyway, the party had just barely started (and wasn't really going yet) when my parents called, saying that the parade was done. Apparently the Parade of Lights folks are very good at ending on time. So I walked over to the Civic Center and met my parents. We took the bus home, and not just any bus, the SLOW bus (which kinda annoyed me. Taking the park-n-ride I could've been to Wagon Road before the bus we were on got back. I could've stayed longer, but I would've had to not go with my parents) because it was cheaper than the park-n-ride. I understand that, but it doesn't really matter to me since my bus pass is good for the entire system. Oh well.

Mom and dad got me a present for my birthday, which did please me. It's my very own DVD copy of the Original Broadway cast recording of Into the Woods. I was very happy with it, and I'll have to bring it up here to show Jeff so that he can marvel at the beauty and talent of Bernadette Peters. We watched it Saturday evening, and I've decided I like the second act much better. It's more... allegorical, and you know how good I am with allegory, so basically it slapped me in the face with it, but I still love it. And Amy got me something, too. I'd asked for a small CD rack so I could put it on my desk and hopefully clean up some of the nightmare that it is. So, I now have a CD rack. It turns and holds 80 CDs. Thanks Amy!

That's interesting. By saying, "you know how good I am with allegory," despite my knowing perfectly well that you probably hadn't any idea how well I dealt with allegory, I was able to convey to you how good I am with allegory through the use of the formula. Neat.

Saturday morning dress rehearsal went okay. We only ran a few moments into the choir's time (about 5 minutes), and so we were done by about 10:30. Bobbette and I went to her house after calling Arte, and I played with her new recorder while she fed her animals. Then we practiced. When I got to my parents' house, my sister was watching Pirates of the Carribean, having just purchased a copy last week. So I watched it, too. Very nicely done, well-acted. The plot drew me in and kept me there, despite being just a bit far-fetched. Johnny Depp was, to say the least, fabulous. And sexy. Wanted to shag him right then and there. Well, maybe not in the living room. But yes. Then Into the Woods, and then random television for a while until Degrassi: The Next Generation came on. I like that show, even though it's for teenagers. I think it deals very well with real issues and everything else you hear said about such shows. Plus Marco's cute.

Sunday, the first concert went okay. Not great, but not poorly. The audience still enjoyed it. The second concert went better, in my opinion. The trumpets said they had a harder time in the second one, but I couldn't hear any problems. I think I'll see if I can borrow the "Olde English Aires" from BrightonMusic for the quartet to play in our upcoming gig. Yes, that's right, the quartet has a gig. A wedding, on the 27th of December, downtown. Really our first gig since summer, though we did have a small reception for a bank opening in October (I think). Anyway, Russian Christmas Music went much better the second time. I'm glad that we've the opportunity to play more difficult pieces like that, even though the group's small and not as good as some others around here. Anyway, after the concert I rushed back to Boulder for the dlp meeting, which was good. We got a group picture in, though Jessie's been on a cruise. "Paste 'im in!" they said. Oh, and they did the sweetest thing for me. Apparently someone let slip that my birthday was the fourth. So they got me a cake and sang and everything. Candles, even, though I missed blowing out one. What a neat bunch of guys!

Today, work, school. Almost done. GSA ally training was cancelled for tonight, which makes me wonder if we'll ever have another GSA meeting. I hope Arte got my message.

Also, apparently Jason's founding the "Bois of Boulder" group, which he wants to be a social coalition of queer groups in the area. I know that we do have a coalition of sorts, Queer Town Hall, but I don't know that it's so social. I think it's a good idea, since I know almost no one outside dlp. If it weren't for dlp, I would know... Jess. And I wouldn't be on speaking terms with Craig. And that would really suck. I just hope Jason does a good job with it, because we definitely need coordination in the community here.

Well on my way to having my poetic license revoked:

As snow piles up on the ground,
And on the internet I dick around,
Time keeps on passing
And instead of you sassing
I should into my head some facts pound.

Friday, December 05, 2003

Hmm, well I just read Jason's blog and... whew, if only he weren't conservative. Stupid lousy intelligent conservative fags. Where are all the prudish intelligent anarchist fags? Oh well. Anyway, I realized what I'm doing wrong: I'm not posting anything interesting. Let me rephrase that. I've been describing events, which dad says is on the second level of intelligence. (Below that is discussing people, and above it is ideas.) So it's time to step it up a notch.

But first I need to think.

This is actually something that's been disturbing me for some time. I used to think. I used to have ideas and intelligent conversations. I also used to enjoy my music and get pleasure from reading. Lately, however, I've... stopped.

I was talking with Jeff the other day, and we came to point in the conversation where I said that my geekiness was in decline. "I used to be a tech geek," I said, "but haven't been recently. I'm more into RPGs and comics." "You've fallen backwards," Jeff told me. And he's right.

I've begun to correct the situation, I hope. I've begun reading again, poetry in particular. I read a collection of T.S. Eliot the other day and I just finished reading a collection of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow as well. I liked Longfellow better than Eliot because of the meter and rhyme. Eliot's style does not very much appeal to me. But, and perhaps I have read superficially, neither seems to have much import to me. They seem pretty, but merely for pretty's sake. I am about to embark on a reading of Sir Thomas More's Utopia, which should interest me much more than the poetry.

A piece of advise: read Nozick. And then laugh at him.

And the obligatory rundown of my last few days:

Yesterday was my birthday. It was nice. I'm not at all displeased with it. Of course, I still ended up alone at the end of the night, but you know what a prude I am. Here's what happened. I woke up early for some reason (I think it was the jerks galloping around in the hallway screaming, but I could be wrong. I have been waking up early lately), got showered and went into work to turn in my finals schedule and collect my goody bag for "Student employee appeciation day." It's basically food, which is good, but not really what I was hoping for. Plus the soda was Mountain Dew. Anyway, physics was okay (No Craig again, I swear I'm going to beat that boy to a bloody pulp if I see him tonight) and I went to history because, as Jason says, I'm here to get an education. And it was interesting, the lecture gave me new insight into the connectivity of the world by the manifold (from anglo-saxon maniyfeald 'complicated'. I apologize for the lack of the yogh... my system doesn't seem to have it on any of my fonts and I can't find its unicode reference) reasons for the collapse of Rome (western Rome, anyway). Everything from the barbarian hordes to the public baths to the changing climate to a love of cheesecake (from the Farmer's Almanack, a veritable wellspring of verifyable and easily tested information) has been blamed for the fall. And it's cool to imagine the interplay of all these factors "converging" to lead to the fall of central political authority in the west.

Anyway, after class I met Nara and Jill for lunch, and that was good. Jill and I went to the bookstore, where they were having a sale and a drawing for an iPod, as well as cider and cake. (I didn't win the iPod, at least I haven't received anything saying that I did and they had me leave my phone number and email address.) Nara used the time to work on a paper she's writing for class. Afterwards, Jill and I picked Nara up and played some pool. This was about 2pm, which is when the cute british guy had been coming in. Unfortunately, he was not there yesterday. Then I went to LGBT studies, where there was a presentation on gays in television, which was interesting. I came back, and went up to see Brandon for a while. I actually finished my page for the fraternity bio-book, yay! It looks cool, too. Papu came and hung out with us for a while, and then Papu and I went to go watch Kyonee perform in a series of one-act plays. Well, he was in three of them. He's a rather decent actor. I was quite impressed. After, I came back home and it was bedtime.

Today... Work, school, nothing special Going to a party tonight provided things work out well. We'll see.

Some poetic nonsense:

A jibber once danced on my head
"Your head is quite hard," he said,
"It's large, and it's thick!"
So I grabbed up the prick
And that night on jibber I fed.

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Umm... so it's been a few days. Let's see if I can get everyone caught up.

Last Wednesday, work was different because we were preparing for a much smaller group of students than usual. So we actually spent the first part of the day helping the Emporium out. Then, we cut some rolls and such and some cleaning. We even cut some brownies. Then, after work, class was okay. No rehearsal due to Thanksgiving, and so I went home that evening (after a brief confusion over the viewing of X2, which we actually got around to watching Sunday.)

Thursday was fun. My cousin Terry and Aunt Lauri came over for "dinner" at about 12:30. Dinner was good, turkey and stuffing and cranberries and all sorts of good stuff. Amy had to work, unfortunately, but she got to come for some of the games. We mostly played ard games, though we did get some Yahtzee in, as well. It was about 7, I think, by the time that Lauri and Terry went home. Can't remember what else happened that day, nothing of great import, obviously.

Friday my parents and I went to see a friend of dad's about making a webpage for the company she works for. It sounds pretty easy, but the trouble is that I'm going to have to actually do something on it eventually. Which is not... my usual M.O. But the meeting went well, they're looking forward to the page, and I'm definitely looking forward to having some extra money. So that's all good.

Saturday was rehearsal for orchestra, before which we went to the hospital for lunch, and which went reasonably well, and Sunday we had jazz rehearsal. So, the weekend was busy enough but not greatly busy.

Monday... Well, PSP met at Mongolian BBQ, which was fun and tasty. It was the last meeting of the semester, so there were awards handed out and everybody had a good time. There was the usual cliquiness, but that's expected. We'll keep working on it. I got two awards, the "hardest working e-board member" award and the "Most Willing to take on Anything" award, aka the "I will wrestle an Alligator" (their comment) or the "I start stuff that I never finish" (my comment) award. I did get the email lists up and running, though. And I also have been a relatively decent recsec. But, the webpage's not up yet. But that's a project for next semester.

Tuesday, I got my history test back. I got an 80 on it, which means I have a guaranteed A- in the class, which is good enough for me. I may take the final, but I probably won't. I will be going to class, though, unless CRAIG SHOWS UP TO PHYSICS and we decide to have lunch or something. (Craig has not been to class since... well, for several weeks.) A week and a day until the end of class. Two and a half weeks until the end of school. I CANNOT WAIT!

I will be 20 tomorrow. No longer a teenager. And I've not kissed a boy nor had a boyfriend. I'm starting to get depressed about it, too. Not seriously depressed, mind you, just annoyed that I suck so much and yet there's no one there. (Take THAT in the sense thou wilt).

Oh, also last night, I went to a presentation on BDSM. It was very interesting. Learned a whole bunch about the subculture and also a little bit about technique. The presentor is a very promenant man in the local and national scenes. And he's very good with a whip. He did a couple demonstrations (not full-fledged scenes, of course). I should've spoken with him to get info on joining the Scene, I guess. It's something I want to try, but I've been 1) too busy and 2) too chicken to really do it. But, perhaps I will yet. We shall see.

For today, well it was work and school. Ditched my office hours. Doing laundry currently. Have rehearsal tonight if I can find a ride.

Stupid lousy state of boyfriendlessness.

Saturday, November 22, 2003

Okay, Satuday night. Friday went alright... nothing particularly special about work or school. ran into Papu on the way home, managed to "lie" about what I was doing that night so he didn't find out about the surprise party. The party was fun if short. We met at Brandon's and about 8 headed over to Papu's. Cake and chips, talk and some dancing, and of course SPONGEBOB! Then a bunch of folks decided to go to Static, so I came back to my parents' house to take care of the pets. Whee!

Today, well it started snowing. And so the roads were bad. So I carpooled with Kat to rehearsal, where we had 12 folks show up, which was about 7 more than we were expecting. Oh, quartet rehearsal was cancelled this week, and next week, too. Anyway, after rehearsal, back home and... TV for about 6 hours. And here we are.

I need a boyfriend.

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Well, it's Wednesday. Night. Almost Thursday. Today, work, school (though french was cancelled today, which is a "yay" I think), then home, played around on the internet for a while, then went to rehearsal. Then I got the car from my parents, and here I am again, parked in front of my computer instead of out getting a piece of ass like I should be. Sigh. Anyway, I've got a midterm tomorrow, which I probably should've studied for, but haven't, yet. It's open book, which makes it even worse. Grr. I'll have to study hard for the final. Speaking of which, Chelle called me today and wanted to know how I was studying for the midterm tomorrow, since we're in the same class but not the same lecture. I told her I wasn't, and she said that we should get together and study sometime. I'm not sure whether that's a come on or what. I doubt it, since the entire chapter should know by know that I'm queer, but we shall see.

Nothing to discuss. Jeff was having trouble with his comic, but he seems to have resolved it now. So you should go read it. Test Tube Undergrads.

Oh, yeah, Aidan feels lonely 'cause he doesn't have any gay friends to talk with, 'cause he lives in some rural town in Oregon. I sympathize with him, but I really can't give him any advice. If he were near here, we could get the GSA to come out and speak at the school, but Oregon's not exactly close by.

Okay, now I'm going to bed. Maybe I'll find someone to share it with me on Friday night. Doubtful, but hey, you never know.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Well, I'm in a good mood due to the Massachusetts Supreme Court ruling. For those of you who won't take the time to click on the link, the ruling was a 4-3 decision overturning the state's ban on same-sex marriage, saying that it was unconstitutional. The court turned to the legislature to correct the laws "to the benefit of gay couples." Of course, there are many things left to do, and, as the article states, the state isn't handing out marriage licenses yet. If marriage in Massachusetts is legal, however, there will be precedent, and couples married in Massachusetts may be able to challenge the DOMA laws in effect throughout the rest of the nation, which refuse to acknowledge same-sex couples from other states, due to the Full Faith and Credit Clause in the United States Constitution. On the other hand, Hawaii and Alaska have had similar rulings, which merely resulted in the passage of DOMA laws and the amendment of the states' constitutions. It is, however, a step forward.

In more personal news, I found out that the GSA meeting was cancelled because the president, Kimberley, was in the hospital. So, I hope I'm on the mailing list now, and we'll see whether communication can be improved. Also today, had a 5-minute meeting with my linguistics advisor, basically touching base. Unfortunately, I walked out early from my physics class to do so. Oh well. No Craig today, either. I'm starting to wonder what's up. I have a suspicion he's just not coming to class, which is something that definitely appeals to me. Anyway. Got a parking permit so that my parents can give me the car when they go out of town this weekend so I can feed the pets. Fun. I hope the timing will manage to work out. I'm looking forward very much to Thanksgiving this year, mostly because I'm tired of school and I'm hungry. So I think I'll go fix myself something to eat.

A bad limerick:

A toasted cheese sandwich is nice
If you've got no sugar or spice.
But for a well-balanced meal
You'll need a good feel
For freshly-picked onions and rice.

Monday, November 17, 2003

Well, GSA either didn't happen or I was too stupid to find it. So I spent about 40 minutes waiting in the UMC for SOMEONE to show up, but no one did. And then I went to the library, typed minutes, and went to PSP meeting, which was okay but not terribly exciting either. And now I'm back. Whee! It's time for grilled cheese sandwiches!
I've changed my mind. Jessie and Jeff are too cute a couple to break up. Sigh, oh well. :-p

Anyway, today's been pretty normal. Got up, went to work, sliced turkey and ham and cheese and bread. Yay. Then class. French was pretty boring, we just worked on corrections of a composition that he handed out to us. Anglo-Saxon was kinda fun, we were working on translating some modern computer terminology into A-S, and he also handed out some middle english for us to look at, and middle english seems pretty simple compared to A-S. Linguistics wasn't anything special, and neither was lunch. And now, I'm here. Maybe something interesting will happen later today. I've got a GSA meeting at 6, which is supposed to be a special presentation on "How to be a Good Ally," which is always informative, and then at 8 there's a Phi Sigma Pi meeting, which could be good or could be boring, we'll see. Afterwards, I've got nought but my physics homework to work on.

I haven't seen Craig for about a week now. I hope he's alright, probably the lazy bum's been sleeping through Physics. If he misses many more without a good excuse he'll have to be on his own; I'm not lending my notes to someone who doesn't bother to come to class.

Well, I'm about to start my office hours. Hopefully we'll get a computer in the office soon and I'll be able to do some work in there. Oh well. Later.
Oh, I forgot... after the dlp meeting, Jessie, Jeff, Clay, Bill and I went to Peaberry's for coffee/suchlike and talk. My resolve to spend more time around Jessie and eventually steal him away from Jeff is well on its way. Mwahahaha! Then we came back and I got to put a 20 pound turkey in my freezer.

And for some reason I can't make that sound dirty. Sigh.

Sunday, November 16, 2003

Wheeeeeeee!!! So... now I have a blog.

Wheeeeeeee!!! So... now I have a blog.

This weekend: whew. Busy as ever. Okay, well not really, but here's what happened.

Friday night, I go to my parents' house to spend the weekend. Watched television, went to bed. Fun. Oh, and my sister's engaged. With a ring and everything. Looks like the One Ring to me, only without the creepy Mordor writing. They're going to get them engraved when they're married, and then they'll become wedding bands.

Saturday, I get up about 9, shower etc, head over to Bobbette's about 10 to have quartet rehearsal. She had just found out about Arte really being a girl on Wednesday, and is cool with it but thinks Arte needs to make a decision as to whether she's going to portray herself as a man or a woman. Anyway, they had a long talk about it, and then Bobbette called me back and we have a relatively long talk about it as well. Anyway, so I decided that I should come out to Bobbette and Eizo, who are also in the quartet. Well, I came out to Bobbette, but I didn't quite get the chance for Eizo. We also had a couple extra violinists that came, Chan and his girlfriend Jen. Chan's okay, but not as good as Eizo. And Jen's not as good as Chan is. But, they're both decent players, so we'll see how things turn out. I also got to play with Bobbette's new digital recorder. Yay! That was fun, but I couldn't get it to play out to her sound system (we think we hooked up the cords wrong). Well, more to play with next week.

At 1, Bobbette and I went over to Orchestra rehearsal. The director, Kat, was out of town, so I lead this week. I think we had a good rehearsal. We went through all the pieces we're going to play in the Christmas concert, and had time to really work on a few. It was definitely a good rehearsal.

Then, after that, I went back home. Mom and I went out to get some food for dinner (chicken) and a couple movies for the night (The Hours and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat). Mom made dinner and I watched. Then we watched The Hours, which I had to watch for my Intro to LGBT Studies class. It was good, not as good as the book (by Michael Cunningham), though. Then, we watched some tv and eventually went to bed.

Today, Sunday, I got up, read the comics (which is definitely something I miss when I'm at my apartment), and had a breakfast of croissants and omelettes. Yum! Then, eventually, mom and I decided to watch Joseph, which... is... weird, but very good. I like the music (but then, it's Andrew Lloyd Weber, so what should I expect?). Costuming was very good also. The settings were... weird. Weirder than I thought they'd be for a story from the Bible.

Anyway, then I took my shower, watched some of Nightmare Before Christmas and went to jazz rehearsal, which I was again directing. It was okay, but not the best rehearsal I've led. Oh well. Then, home again for dinner and back to my apartment to drop off some of my stuff. Then, to Delta Lambda Phi Interest Group meeting. It was... actually pretty boring this week. Oh well, that's what I get for walking in late, after the gladitorial combat. And now, I'm writing this blog instead of my french homework, which I'm not going to do anyway tonight. So there. And that's my weekend.

In hopes of starting a tradition, a bad limerick:

What is it that I've I never done?
I've never had sex with someone.
I've never been drunk
A class ever flunked
Or turned down the chance for a pun!

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