Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Certificates of Deposit

So, my longtime (since childhood) bank, Community First National Bank, is "merging with" (read: has been bought out by) the Bank of the West. Upon receiving notice of the merger, and what will become the news terms of service, I decided that I could not accept these terms, and will be closing my account with them.

Which leads to the next question: what am I to do with the money? It's not a large amount of money; nevertheless, it is my personal, long-term savings and I'd like to keep it seperate from my spending money and still have it doing something useful. Mom suggested a CD, which I quite like. I have now been researching CDs, trying to decide where to put the money. The two with the best rates that I've found so far (looking only at nearby credit unions) are the University of Colorado Federal Credit Union and Bellco - where I believe I had an account at one time that has since been closed. I would likely have to join CUA to join Bellco, which would give me access to many more credit unions. But, the minimum deposit on many of these is much higher than the UofCFCU, while Bellco has a $500 minimum, the same as UofCFCU. And, the rates for the two are nearly identical, currently... so I will probably go with UofCFCU (since I'm already a member).

In related news, write your representative to preserve the credit union tax exemption. Credit Unions are non-profit organizations, existing to serve the needs of their members and the community. Help preserve a choice and fight against corporate dominance!

In not-directly-related news, from Radgeek: Free your mind and the rest will follow, urging No Software Patents, and Strict Construction, arguing why the UN does, in fact, have legally binding power over the United States.

Not on Radgeek but equally interesting (no, I haven't read it all the way through yet): No Treason, an essay on why the Constitution is not legally binding upon the people of the United States, anyway.

The top 25 censored media stories of 2003-2004 from Project Censored.

The Ohio Recount is going forward, thanks to the Greens/Libertarians, and all the folks who donated.

In other news, things are going well. Amy is to come back into town tonight, and Steve tomorrow morning. I can't wait to cuddle with him. And he says he's going to molest me. Yay! :-D

Saw National Treasure with Barry last night. It was alright. Nothing particularly spectacular, though I was gratified that the "treasure" was something relatively worthwhile. I was afraid it would be stupid and boring, but it was actually entertaining. I'm not sure I'd spend $7 or more to see it again, though. I also bought Wicked: the Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West, by Gregory Maguire. It has been made into a Broadway musical, and I had been wanting to read it, but the cover art was what made me decide to actually purchase it then and there (so much for resisting corporate dominance... it was in Border's :-( ). I can't describe it to do it justice, so you'll have to have me show it to you. It's got a hole in the outside cover, through which we can see the Witch. When you open that, it shows her carefully holding a monkey, and petting a wolf with a cat nearby. It transforms her into a sympathetic character quite well.

Anyway, that's about it for now. Poetry sometime soon, I think.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Sittin' in the GSA, watchin' all the boys go by...

Sittin' in the GSA, givin' all the boys the eye!
Brother you can't know a nicer occupation.
Matter of fact, neither do I!
Than sittin' in the GSA, watchin' all the boys, watchin' all the boys...

Go by!
EDIT: Parody of lyrics from The Most Happy Fella by Frank Loesser.

Whew... not much time to talk, though I've got a lot to say. I am somewhat hesitant about writing it, because I don't want Steve to feel as if he's hurt me, because he hasn't, but nevertheless there're some things I need to write about.

He's in Arizona this week, at least until Thursday. I miss him.

Well, best get to class.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Holy freakin' cow...

Alright, where to start?

Wednesday was alright, though I was up too late Tuesday and consequently tired all day. Then, went to rehearsal (new violist! Yay! Oh, and did I mention that Gavin is now coming to DPO? Also Yay!), and then to Steve's house to spend the night. Got to explore new ways of intimacy with him, which was fun. And educational. *nods*

This morning, it was hard to get up and leave Steve's arms. I was so tired, I wanted to just sleep through it all. But, we did eventually get up and I took him to work before heading back to Boulder. I was intending to go to class... but by the time I got up here it was about 9:15, and I hadn't had a shower. So I took my shower and worked on my project for a while before I went to work, which was alright. Though I didn't get as far as I would've liked. After work, I went over to Parm's house to work some more on the project, and then I went over to The Yard for the drag show, "Once Upon a Drag Night." And this is the holy freakin' cow.

We packed the place. Somehow, our adverts worked. It was filled to capacity, on a Thursday. We were collecting $3/person at the door.

Yeah. Excellent fundraiser.

In addition, we held a 50-50 raffle for BCAP, which brought in over $300 total (so around 150 for BCAP and 150 for the winner)... and the winner was my PSP brother, Buffy! AND, she decided to donate the money back to DLP! How did I get such cool brothers?

So, all in all, the night was quite good. Still waiting on the final count, after we pay the bar staff and such, but... We've been asked back, apparently, too.

Oh, and the little bit I saw of the show was good (I was a doorman, taking money from people as they arrived). Dusty, my big, aka Monica Moree, was FABULOUS, as always. And even Andrew showed up! In drag! Hehe, ah so much fun. Unfortunately, most of the other drag queens that were SUPPOSED to be there, weren't... Next time I'm going to have Arte come, so we have someone dependable.

Anyway, I really need to get to bed. Take care, everyone. Oh, and I have Butterbraids for sale! Let me know if you want one, they're $9 each. You have until Monday.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Virgin Mary... and a side of fries, please...

So, there's an item on eBay that's... a grilled cheese sandwich with a picture of the virgin on it. And the current bid is $100 million.

Steve says:

If someone would pay 100 million for a sandwich with the Virgin Mary on it, could I carve the VM in relief in my own feces and market it as "Holy Shit"?


Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Update from a SCARPIE

I'd like to state for the record that I REALLY REALLY dislike my Modern Physics class.

Especially the tests, when it's mostly "did you write down the right equation or not?"

Talons and Claws... fun for a whole year!

Wow... I've been keeping this blog for a whole year... kinda amazing, really. Just thought I'd mention it!


Alright, well let's get started.

Saturday was work, wherein I got locked out of the building for a half hour because my key doesn't work on the outside of the building. Then, after that, I went and got Steve and we returned this gal's wallet. After, we went to see The Incredibles, which I've already reviewed (see below), having Panda Express beforehand. Then, we came back up to Boulder and kept ourselves occupied until it was time for SNL at Scott's. After, we returned to my apartment and were intimate until, well, late, and then we went to bed. In the morning, more groping and such. Then, while he watched Into the Woods, I made spaghetti, the way mom used to make it (well, minus the ground beef): cook the spaghetti, then add velveeta and spaghetti sauce to the still-heated pot of spaghetti. Mmmm. Garlic and basil spaghetti sauce, too, with chunks of garlic in it. Tasty. Anyway, we moved out into the living room to finish the show and eat lunch, and he fell asleep in my lap a couple of times. (I didn't have the heart to keep waking him up). We also watched some Simpsons and Will and Grace while we were there... though 'watched' might not be quite the right word.

Then we took a shower (I suggested it because I like to be clean and I feel grimy if I don't take one; I found out today that he seems to have had issues in the past with being teased about not showering enough. I didn't care whether he smelled or not [not that I smelled any better]; mostly I wanted to bathe and to fool around). After, we decided we should probably get going so I could get to my meeting on time and still have dinner, so we went to a Noodles & Co. on the way to his house. I had Orange Cream Soda there, which was tasty. I don't get enough cream soda. When we got to his place, we went inside and laid down for a bit. Then, Opie called and he and I decided it wasn't really necessary for me to be at the meeting, so I stayed a while longer in Steve's arms before I left to go do my homework.

Monday I had class, and the induction ceremony for PSP. Also homework, which I did eventually finish. And a long discussion with Steve about our relationship. For some time, he has been arguing that, even though we use different terms to describe the same thing, it is, in fact, the same thing. But... I'm not so sure any more. First, he described the relationship as high-risk, which is certainly not how I would classify it at all. But perhaps he's putting more into it emotionally than I am. I dunno. Anyway, he then changed it to "moderate risk" after I said that I wouldn't consider it as such. For reasons that are becoming increasingly clear as we further discuss. And part of me understands. But part doesn't. And... sometimes part of me does want to behave in the way that is causing his insecurities. Mostly not, but sometimes.

I will admit that I'm young, and that this is my first serious relationship. Sometimes I wonder if I'm taking it more seriously than he is, and then sometimes I don't think I'm taking it seriously enough. And I want to make him happy, and I supposedly do, but... I dunno. I wonder, sometimes. I wonder whether it's me that's making him happy, or simply the fact that there's someone there. I wonder whether it's him that's making me happy, or simply that someone's there.

There's something else that's been bothering me. I saw Nathan again today. And I couldn't go up to him and say hi. He makes me feel... nervous, ashamed, scared... And I was only with him for a few weeks.

What's going to happen to me if Steve and I break up?

Once, he mentioned having had, in previous relationships, this wondering whether there was something better or if he was missing out somehow. And, I sometimes do wonder that now. There are times that I'd like to be single, or at least be able to persue someone or something without having to think about my relationship with him. Which is not to say that I don't love him, love spending time with him, or that I'm not happier and more content being with him.

I dunno. This is probably way more than you ever wanted to know about me. So, I'll stop here.

Monday, November 15, 2004

The Incredibles

Pixar, directed by Brad Bird

I will admit, when I first saw the trailers for The Incredibles, I thought it'd be another poorly-written, cheap-laughs flick. A Superman knock-off, maybe.

What I didn't realize at the time was that it was a Pixar film.

The Incredibles begins with the tragic downfall of the Superheroes, following a series of lawsuits for unwanted heroism. The superheroes, necessarily, must go into hiding, and fifteen years later we join Mr. Incredible, his wife, Elastigirl, and their family (complete with 2.5 children!), still attempting to fit into suburban life. Things are not exactly rosy for the family, and Mr. Incredible, after being fired from his job as an insurance agent, begins moonlighting (unbeknownst to his wife) as a superhero again.

All in all, I was very impressed with the film. It was funny, fast-paced, and even had character development. Not to mention creative. I felt, throughout the whole movie, as if it had arisen from a wonderful game of GURPS Supers, wherein the GM was constantly on his toes trying to outwit the players. Some of the plot was predictable - the first time you see the villain (in silhouette), you know who it must be. Nevertheless, the movie kept me laughing and excited all the way through, which is something impressive.

If you get a chance, see this movie (unless you really can't stand the Supers genre). Bring your kids, too... it's rated PG, though that didn't keep me from enjoying it one bit (well... there was one place where I thought the milder form of an explicative was a bit contrived, but...). It is worth the price of admission.

In addition, the film was prefaced by a short film entitled Boundin'. Not the best short ever, but certainly well-done and entertaining. The shorts are one of the things I enjoy most about Pixar films, and I certainly hope that they continue to play them before each show.

Sunday, November 14, 2004


Three interesting rants/articles:

What I'm hearing... from overly caffeinated, decrying the use of "What I'm hearing you say.." as a verbal weapon in meetings. Funny, entertaining, with even a bit of aloe.

Shut the Fuck Up (or, How to act better in meetings). An article by Dan Spalding about, maybe, a better way to conduct yourself during meetings.

And, finally, William Gillis' rant on the "Urban vs Rural" issue.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Gee, every time I see protesters...

...I know I go for the tanks.

From the LA Indymedia, tankage!

And, of course, Gillis' and RadGeek's commentary. With photos.

Other news, in brief: yay Steve! Boo homework! Boo sickness! Yay bittorrent! Yay Discover Magazine! Yay Firefox 1.0! Yay Denver Pops website! Boo Bush! Boo Fascism!

That is all at this time.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

It's official!

I have a boyfriend! Whee! And I love him. More so every day. So I'm quite happy about that.

First, weekend update (not the funny one). Thursday my sister called my mom and said she needed to come home, and booked a flight that came in that night. So, Friday came along and I decided I should probably stop in and see my sister, so I spent the night at my parents' house. Saturday was work followed by rehearsal, followed by a party for one of Steve's (my boyfriend) friends, in which I had my first Tuaca Bombs. Whew, those things will get you drunk fast! Anyway, after a while of talking and moderate drinking (for us) and karaoke, well there was going to be some limbo but that never materialized, so we ended up playing poker instead. Texas Hold-'em, not my favorite, but fun enough when you win ;-). Somewhere in there, the male stripper arrived (this was a birthday party for one of Steve's straight female friends), and, well, let's just say you know the stripper's not very attractive when the four gays that are at the party go off to watch Garfield instead. Anyway, in the end the only sober people were the four gay guys who were playing poker, whilst everyone else was drunk off their asses.

I thought it was amusing.

Anyway, Steve and I ended up spending the night there (in the spare bedroom), though the other two (who were a couple also) left. Sunday was the Pops concert, which went alright and which Steve, Barry, Snow and Jared came to. Then, Denny's with Steve and back to his place for a little while before meeting.

All in all, a decent weekend.

Not much else to report. I've a test tonight, and one next Tuesday as well. Busy, busy it seems like.

Also, linkage for y'all.

I won't be able to participate, but there's a plan to Turn Our Backs on Bush.

And, there's what I consider to be the best Indymedia article I've seen yet, Polar Regions Experiencing Severe Climate Change.

Monday, November 08, 2004


Daniel Guérin

Anarchism was originally published in 1965, in Paris, under the title L'anarchisme: De la doctrine et á l'action. Because of this, it completely fails to address anything past 1969, which includes the Postscript. Nevertheless, it describes the ideas and concepts of anarchism, from its inception in the 19th century well into the mid-twentieth, using primarily quotations rather than paraphrases, in order that the quotations "might speak for themselves." The first half of the book is dedicated entirely to this aim; part I is entitled "the Basic Ideas of Anarchism", while part II is "In Search of a new Society".

Part one begins by first defining what, exactly, anarchists mean when they call themselves such. There are many different viewpoints (more, in fact, than are described in the book), but this chapter describes the foundation from which all other viewpoints spring.

Part two describes these different viewpoints and the internal disputes of anarchism and the external disputes with socialism.

Part three is called "Anarchism is Revolutionary Practice", and details the distory of anarchism during the great turmoil of the late 19th and early twentieth centuries. It notes several occasions (such as Kronstadt and the Spanish Worker's movement) in which anarchism played an important role or was even used as the basis for a restructuring of society. One example, in the Ukraine, shows that anarchy and socialism are viable options, for production had multiplied itself, before being crushed by Soviet Russia. Part three also describes parts of the Russian Revolution and the part the anarchists played in it. Had it not been for the Bolshevik Party, the workers councils (or soviets) would likely have remained an anarchist formation.

Finally, Guérin concludes with a postscript dated May, 1968, in which he expresses hope for the future of anarchism in the youth movements that had risen since 1965.

I enjoyed this book, not only because it focused on the ideas and concepts of anarchism, but that it did so without a lot of dates and bibliographical information. It works quite well as an introduction to the subject, and I would recommend it for anyone who wishes to learn more about anarchism. I also thoroughly enjoyed the historical section, because it gave me a better idea about the movements around the world and the impact anarchism has had. I also have a greater understanding of Soviet Russia and the causes of its fall to Statism.

All in all, a good, interesting read.

Friday, November 05, 2004

Purple Haze and Pundition

Interesting (county-by-county winners) maps (Purple Haze) over on Anarchogeek and Vanderbei's site.

So, I've decided that I'm a pundit: I'm loud, obnoxious, and highly opinionated, but I don't actually do anything about it. This must change.

Other news? Just finished Bakunin's God and the State. Will do a review later. Also, I need to decide what to read next. I'd like to take a break from political writings for a while, so it'll probably be a nice novel. We'll see.

Determination and Forward-thinking

I thought I would contrast yesterday's predictions with some positive linkage. So, here it is!

Pizzuti has an idea for a "Progessive Values Coalition", which is a fantastic idea, if you can get the Progressives to actually, well, do it.

William Gillis talks about how the movement that has been built in the past few years can continue, but we have to keep going. He also discusses the case for not abandoning America.

Isaac Laquedem has a letter to President Bush reminding him that he does not have a 'mandate' and that there are many issues to work on.

There's also Ten Reasons Not to Move to Canada, and the Distributed Library Project, which I'm thinking about joining.

And, even though it isn't exactly uplifting, it does remind me why I'm Queer by Choice: Matthew Shepard Died for Your Sins (and other bitchy ramblings).

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Prediction time

Okay, let's see whether I have any ability to predict the future!

In the coming four years:
  • more war, duh

  • the war will require more money, which will lead to larger deficits

  • larger deficits will, in turn, require more taxes (but not for the rich!

  • consequently, the gap between rich and poor will grow)

  • Because of the deficits and monies being channelled into the war, there will be less funding for science, education and the arts

  • Because of lack of funding, scientists, researchers and such will search for funds elsewhere, resulting in BRAIN DRAIN

  • the return of the draft, as swiftly as possible, and in a BIG way

  • the eventual collapse of the democratic party (maybe not in the next four years, but come on, people!)

  • more alienation of the world against us the United States

  • Brazil's increasing importance in world affairs and politics

  • privatization of spaceflight

  • continued Imperialism and Globalization

Okay, well that's enough doom and gloom for now.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

(It's time I had some time alone...)

That's great it starts with an earth quake Lenny Bruce is not afraid...

I like REM. Just thought I'd share.

Okay, folks, here we go...

The eve of the election. It's... nerve-wracking, which is strange, in a way. Either way (and I'm refering to the presidential race), it's going to be bad. American Imperialism will continue unabated, innocent people of all races and religions and ethnicities (and so on) will be killed or imprisoned.


Anyway, if you haven't voted yet, via early voting or absentee ballots, then get yourself to the polls tomorrow. Supposedly your workplace is legally required to allow you to go, though I haven't found evidence of that (maybe just in Oregon?).

Oh, and, for those of you in the appropriate counties: YES on 4B (the Science and Cultural Facilities District)! !!! !!!!!!!!!!!! Like, seriously. All the community musical groups I know of would fail without this support, not to mention a plethora of other things that depend on it... like the Museum and the Zoo. YES on 4B!

And... Linkage time:

Sinfest Propoganda - Funny :-D
It's time to form a Leftist Firing Squad: Everybody get into a circle - from Radgeek. Very interesting and a course I would suggest highly.
The FULL transcript of bin Laden's speech, from al Jazeera (in English!). I very highly suggest that you read this.
Victoria's Dirty Secret - Environmentalism time. Recycled paper's very nearly, if not as good, as new. Bastards. I won't be looking at any more of THEIR catalogs. ;-)

The City Born Great - How Long 'Til Black Future Month?

The second story in N. K. Jemisin's anthology How Long 'Til Black Future Month? , "The City Born Great," is an exciting ta...