Sunday, September 02, 2018

Age 34: 3 Month Check-in #3


The purpose of this retrospective is to evaluate the progress I've made on my goals (1-, 5- and 10-year) and to see whether adjustments need to be made. I will also reflect on what I've done and whether there are patterns that need to be changed.

Goals so far

Of the goals listed in my Age 34 goals post, I have still missed no Pentapede comics, and I continue to be a few weeks ahead. However, I am not entirely satisfied with the quality lately. I feel that it has become not just a chore, but a "spit it out and get on to something else" sort of thing. Perhaps I should bring Pentapede Nation to a close?

I haven't been biking regularly or using it as a mode of transportation. Many of my trips lately have been farther than I feel comfortable riding, and I try to combine stops at the grocery with other trips, such as coming home from work. Still, I feel I can do better on this.

I went to a hot springs (Valley View again) with Chris, Kris and O'Brien a couple weekends ago (August 19th), so check that one off!

Unfortunately, I haven't composed at all this quarter. I don't know what I can do to change that; I set aside time to do it, but then I haven't done it (or scheduled something else over it). I also haven't been writing in my journal enough. I was doing well for a while, even writing most days on vacation, but after I got back I haven't been.

Good things

It's a little difficult to write this section this morning, because I'm in a bit of a fuzzy place emotionally. Not for any particular reason, just where I am.

I got to see Amy and Brendan on our trip to Hawaii, which was good. Before vacation, I was doing a lot of activities; going out to shows and hanging with people. I've even met some people and went on a couple dates (although they haven't worked out). I've been able to hang out some more with Lee and with Cody. But Gloomhaven and D&D have slacked off since my vacation, and trivia hasn't exactly picked back up, although we have done a few. I've been hanging out more with Brad and Matt, which has been nice. Jane is starting a D&D game with me, Hannah and Holly, so hopefully that will be fun. Also, I've been doing a better job of reading lately (did a bunch on vacation, of course). I've been playing video games a bit more than usual, but I don't know if that's a good thing or not.

I did a couple escape rooms with people! They were fun, and I'm glad I organized them.

Most of the time I am content, but I have occasional bouts of loneliness.

Things to improve

  • Although I marked time on my calendar for both composition and practice, I have utterly failed to do either one.
  • I would still like to locate a fairly regular FWB or boyfriend
  • The meetups I went to did not seem promising. But I need to keep trying, I suppose

Other notes

Work continues to be mixed. Still struggling to want to do it, especially when it's been a lot of sitecore work lately. Lots and lots of configuration. I am now working from home three days a week, which is nice. The chimney is still falling a bit and needs support added, and now the furnace needs to be replaced. So that's going to be another big expense.

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