Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 in Review

2014 was a year of change for us. Some good, some bad.

The year started off rough when we ended our relationship with Pat. After 11 months, it was the second most significant romantic relationship of my life, and my first true triad. It hurt like nothing else I've felt before.

In the wake of the breakup, we decided that we needed to expand our sphere of friends, so we joined the weekly poker game at the Wrangler. Meanwhile, Steve continued to host monthly gayme night at Enchanted Grounds, and the event continues to grow. We also strengthened our friendship with Nick.

In February, we rescued a kitty named Ada that had been run over by a car, and yet seemingly escaped unscathed! She has become integrated into our lives quite well, although at times she attacks Rory for no reason.

April took us to Arizona for vacation and to visit Steve's sister Michelle and her family. Easter day was spent in an Easter Egg hunt with added distractions - nerf guns! Despite this, eventually Ben found all the eggs we had hidden (and re-hidden)!

May saw the conclusion of the orchestra's season, and a very successful end-of-season picnic.

June we went up to Breckenridge to stay at Steve's company's cabin there. My parents joined us for a few days, and we also got to see our fraternity brother Danny while he was in town with his family. We went on a mine tour, tasted some Breckenridge bourbon and got a couple nice hikes in. We also got to attend Denver Pride, which was enjoyable.

In July, we got to see the live Welcome to Night Vale show at the Paramount with Gabe and Nick, which was amazing. So many queers in the audience! We also started hosting a bi-weekly movie night for our friends.

September was a big new step in my life - the purchase of my own house. Starting in August, the whole process was done in about a month, and we moved in on September 28! Since then, it has mostly been a matter of settling in and hosting game nights, movie nights and other get-togethers, including our first Thanksgiving and Christmas at the new home!

Looking forward to 2015, we will continue to expand our circle of friends and strengthen the bonds we already have. I am hopeful for the new year and anticipate many good times ahead!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Falling Down

Pentapedes are falling down
Falling down
Falling down
Pentapedes are falling down on your head now

Try to block with arms and hands
Arms and hands
Arms and hands
Try to block with arms and hands, still they bite you

Pentapedes are out for blood
Out for blood
Out for blood
Pentapedes are out for blood, we must stop them

Volunteer to crush the bugs
Crush the bugs
Crush the bugs
Volunteer to crush the bugs and save your country!

Anti-pentapede propaganda and recruitment video, ca. 2031. Source: the Sapient War national archives.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

GSP - 2013-02-05 to 2014-01-11

Recording this for my own remembrance.

It was amazing, in the beginning. We clicked right away, and got involved pretty quickly. He was smart, funny, energetic, and passionate. As time went on, we became more comfortable with each other, but cracks began to show - he was more outgoing, more interested in going out to concerts or other events. We tended to want to stay in. I believe that was what eventually did us in; complacency in our routine in conflict with his desire to do more and different things.

The end hurt when it came, but we have passed through it and allowed it to change us, hopefully for the better.

I will remember those 340 days fondly, but I hope that they were not the only ones we will get to spend with him. Thank you, Pat.

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