Friday, February 20, 2004

I don't at this time wish to comment on the drama surrounding the frat.

I do wish to comment on my mechanics test. The prof was overly generous, to everyone, and I actually got a 66, which was higher than the average of 61. So I'm pleased that I didn't fail as miserably as I thought, but unhappy at having to struggle with the problems on the test. It should've been easy and I don't understand why it wasn't.

This week was alright. I'm quite tired, and it doesn't end. Rehearsal tonight, tomorrow, hopefully I'll have a chance to go grocery shopping this weekend.

Bleh, I'm tired of writing for now. Some other time.

Thursday, February 19, 2004

You're Israel!

Though a victim in the past, you've learned very little from this and
have encouraged a cycle of violence in your life and the life of many you know.
 You're a little paranoid and somewhat schizophrenic, causing you to promote
both hatred and hope in cycling intervals.  Some of the paranoia is justified, as
a lot of people don't like you, but more people are helping you than you'd ever really
admit to.  At this point, you live on some valuable property and would benefit
greatly from just giving peace a chance.

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You're Lolita!

by Vladimir Nabokov

Considered by most to be depraved and immoral, you are obsessed with
sex. What really tantalizes you is that which deviates from societal standards in every
way, though you admit that this probably isn't the best and you're not sure what causes
this desire. Nonetheless, you've done some pretty nefarious things in your life, and
probably gotten caught for them. The names have been changed, but the problems are real.
Please stay away from children.

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This is... very... interesting... Israel and Lolita?

Saturday, February 14, 2004

Well, I figured it's been quite a while since I put in a poem, so here you go! Lemme know what you think.

My Boy

His tears drop quietly on the hardened earth.
A day he had thought would be brimming with mirth
Turned ashen and barren with but a few words
A golden song soured into naught but a dirge

He stood there in silence as I turned around
And as I departed, he made not a sound
His face showing clearly the shards of his heart
A widening void he'd dreaded to chart.

He stood for ten minutes ere he turned to go
Making his way back through the glistening snow
Eyes on the ground, fragile heart crushed
He over whom I'd yesterday fussed

What in my heart had made me so cruel?
What could it be? Had he played the fool?
No, no fool was he. Nor willing torturer I.
It broke my heart beyond measure to watch him cry.

His heart has been mended, the slivers replaced.
From a distance I see a new joy in his face.
Another, far better, truly, than I
Has courted him since I told him good-bye.

His laughs and his smiles,
His innocent wiles,
The sparkle of his eyes,
all these come without guise.

So it was with me once
So it is with another
And though he is older
And smarter and wiser
He truly remains
in his heart, still

A Boy.

Where once there was laughter,
Where once there was joy
Now lives an aching,
A crying.
I love him still,
Though he can't be

My Boy.
The Dante's Inferno Test has banished you to the Sixth Level of Hell - The City of Dis!
Here is how you matched up against all the levels:
Purgatory (Repenting Believers)Very Low
Level 1 - Limbo (Virtuous Non-Believers)Very High
Level 2 (Lustful)High
Level 3 (Gluttonous)Low
Level 4 (Prodigal and Avaricious)Low
Level 5 (Wrathful and Gloomy)Low
Level 6 - The City of Dis (Heretics)Very High
Level 7 (Violent)Moderate
Level 8- the Malebolge (Fraudulent, Malicious, Panderers)Moderate
Level 9 - Cocytus (Treacherous)Low

Take the Dante's Inferno Hell Test

Monday, February 09, 2004

Hmm... well, at this point I don't really care that much about the week before last anymore. In summation: I made a couple really big pancakes, which I thoroughly enjoyed, after making a mistake measuring the ingredients, I saw my former roommate that moved out, and apparently he's still in the building, so that must mean I'm a horrible roommate or something. Whatever. I have the apartment to myself :-p.

The retreat was GREAT! There wasn't as much time for fun as I would've liked and I think just about everyone else agrees. So we'll have to do another one soon so we can just play around. But we did get a lot of business done and we did some good bonding. I just hope everyone realizes it (even though some people don't show it as much as others).

Basically, I'm doing well. Busy as hell for the next few weeks (don't count on posts) due to a double rush schedule combined with midterms and actually doing my homework. Dean is starting to want out of his job, and from his description of it, I don't blame him. I want to console him but I'm not sure how, firstly, and two I don't have much time to spend with him right now. Eric is also depressed, which makes me sad. I've been calling his cell phone and leaving messages but he hasn't called back nor has he yet picked up the phone. I hope he's doing alright. Jason apparently had a breakdown over the weekend, most especially during the retreat, and to be honest I'm really surprised because I didn't notice a thing (PAY ATTENTION, GEOFF!).

Tonight was the first info night for Phi Sigma Pi, and we only had about 10 people show up. But, there was a HUGE biology test tonight, and many clubs also have meetings on Mondays. So, we're thinking and hoping that tomorrow will be better. There's a bowling/dinner event coming up with Delta Rho in a week or two, which should be fun. It's up in Greeley, but I think I'll take the time to go, if I can. I really want to be closer to the PSP brothers after seeing what it's like with DLP. I also need to get on the national listserv here soon... maybe I'll go ahead and do that right now. Well, after finishing with this post. Sunday I had a concert and a rehearsal, both of which went pretty well. The concert was with the Denver Pops and we held a fundraising dance at the El Jebel Shrine in Denver. It was a beautiful ballroom. I would love to play there all the time. Then, of course, afterwards was Bright'nJazz rehearsal, and then I came home and did homework since there was no DLP meeting this weekend. Today was school as usual, though I got a homework back where I got a 34/80. O.O Ouch. I hope I do better on the next few.

Well, I'd best get going. Have a great night, y'all!

Thursday, February 05, 2004

Alright, well... I can't remember much of what's happened in the past week (which was part of the point of the blog in the first place, so that I could remember...)

So, let's do "The Day of Bad Decisions" first, which I remember all too well.

DATE: Last Thursday. I hadn't gotten much sleep the night before, and then I had to go to work early in the morning. Well, I was tired of work so I skipped out a bit early. Not a great decision. But whatever. I went to the physics lab to finish my long freaking lab report (which I got an 81 on!!!@!@!#@!), which took me about four hours to completely type and everything. Somewhere in there I managed to get to my phonetics lab and get most of the way finished with it. Now, writing on a Thursday, I can tell you that by Thursdays I'm pretty well fed up with homework and school. Especially so after the lab writeup. I was ready to get fucked up. Conveniently, the frat bois were going out to Dream in celebration of David's birthday. Beforehand, of course, getting fucked up. I'm getting ready to go, and my intuition says, "Don't." But I say to it, "What's the worst that can happen?" and it says, "Someone will be hit by a car." And I'm like, "Whoa." and he's like, "Whoa!" and then we were like, "Whoa." But I tell it to play hide and go fuck itself and head over to Jason's with Papu, Kyonee and Xav. And proceed to get more than mildly fucked up. (I was drinking "soda" for all you brothers out there. Yes, "soda." Tiny bubbles, you know.) And that's fine with me, I'm ready to be screwed up. I leave my keys and wallet at Jase's so that I won't lose them on the bus (this is both a good idea and a bad idea...). We head out and get to the bus stop and everyone's having a good time (except possibly the other people at the stop. I don't know; I couldn't focus long enough to look at them). Bus comes, everybody's happy, on the bus. Somewhere in there I start feeling sick. Not sufficiently sick to get off bus, but enough that I know and fear what's coming if the bus doesn't stop soon. Which it doesn't. Poor bus driver. Oh well. Anyway, I'm feeling a little better by that point, and when we actually get off the bus (after everyone assuring me that they've all done it) and start walking around outside I feel immensely improved. But I don't want to go to the club. Jason, Kyonee and Opie stick with me and we even go to a pizza parlor nearby to help me settle down. But I still don't want to go. Finally, we're standing near the bus stop, arguing about who should go on and who should go back with me (and I'm also feeling bad at this point for making Jase come back with me, because he's refusing to let me go by myself) and we finally argee to go to the club. We get a taxi and get over to the club and... Opie has lost his wallet somewhere, most likely on the bus. So he can't get in. Kristina comes out and takes Opie and myself back home while Jason and Kyonee go into the club. Now, remember those keys? I can't get into my apartment without them, and somehow I'm lucid enough to remember this. So I go ...


Statewide power flicker just now?!?!?


back to Kristina & Opie's and sleep the rest of the night there. In the morning, when I'm feeling oh so wonderful and happy, Opie and I leave and take the bus over towards Jason's so I can get my keys back (well, Opie was going to class. The route was fortunate). While en route, both Scott and Sarah get on the bus, seeing me (and speaking with me in Scott's case) in my not-very-fabulous-at-all hung over state. Great. Anyway, the rest of Friday was fine except that I didn't go to any classes except physics and slept through my lunch date with Nara.

Wednesday, February 04, 2004


Okay, I probably won't be able to post tonight, but I'll try to post tomorrow. I've got a bunch of things I want to say, if I can remember them. To tease you, they include, "The Day of Bad Decisions" and "The Huge Ass Pancake." (Take THAT in the sense thou wilt ;-).

All in all, I'm well. Tired from getting less sleep than I should, but well.

Oh, and a reminder: if you aren't registered to vote, please get registered! And then VOTE!

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