Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Which Oh My Gods! Character are You?

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Couple comics:

Broken Saints which is... very cool. But, it's animated, which means I don't get to control really how long it takes me to read it.

Oh My Gods! is, well it's fun! Lego People! Woo!

Friday, March 12, 2004

Where to start? Where to start?

Night of Madness went well. We actually managed to keep the theme of the party from the bigs relatively well (though at one point Dusty said, "Even if it were a 70s party, I would be ready." Eep! Right idea, wrong decade...) But it was a great amount of fun, and we didn't even drink (well... Andrew had some, so did Dusty and the other bigs, but otherwise...) And we got our nicknames (but not why, yet), which means that if any of you betas read this, you will now know who to interview. :-) We each got a female nickname, since we were uncomfortable with being refered to in the feminine when the bigs did it. Mine is Cholandra. Then we also got our regular nicknames. Mine is Dumbledorf (or possibly Dumbledore... see, I'm a bit confused about that since the books say "Dumbledore" but the note my big left me says "Dumbledorf." Not that it really matters all that much either way.)

Saturday I had rehearsal, and then I went to my cousin's welcome home from Iraq party, which was good. Unfartunately, I missed beta induction, but family's gotta come first. I have a Little Brother, Manny. He seems like a really good kid, so we'll see how things progress. I had coffee with him last Tuesday (okay, well I had chai and he didn't have anything, but... yeah, it was on Tuesday) and we talked and got to know one another. It was good.

Sunday I had rehearsal, and then meeting. Monday I ditched my first class to work on homework for my second, and then had PhiSig meeting that evening. Tuesday, work, then I went to the lab to get my notebook and went to the GSA office (or did I come home and then go to the GSA office? I can't remember). I ran into Nathan on the way there and we finalized our plans for dinner on Thursday. Much of the rest of the day was spent trying to do my mechanics homework. Wednesday I was feeling very sicck so I ditched my first two classes and worked on mechanics, instead. Dress rehearsal for Denver Pops was Wednesday night. It went well. Thursday morning was alright, work (the deli slicer had broken, so we were using salad's... but it came back Thursday, all fixed!), and lab went alright.

Dunno how much I wanna talk about Thursday evening. I had a good time and Nathan said he had a good time, so that's really all you need to know. Well, that and maybe that we're going to do something else soon, like go to a concert or something. (It was annoying, though, I don't know whether it was stress or what, but, on schedule, I got a big zit... Thursday morning)

Today was alright. It's a beautiful day out... only problem is, I'm going to be stuck here trying to figure out a way to get the music for the quartet gig tomorrow night. Our first violinist, Chan (and his girlfriend, who was our second) decided that we were being very unprofessional and quit Thursday (2 days before the gig). Now, I don't wanna talk about unprofessional, but that's really not very good. So, we were able to find two substitutes, but we still need to get the music. Sigh. Why the drama?!!?!?

Oh yeah, I forgot, I'm queer. :-p

I'm thinking about doing an installment of R'thoria's Used Plot Elements on here, but I probably won't do that today. I've got some great titles, though, and I've even got a design for one of them.

That's all for now. I'm hungry!

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

The Parable of the Bread Knife

I work(ed) in a dining hall (I gave my two week notice on Sunday, so I won't be there much longer. Yay!). One of my job functions is to slice rolls, which I am fairly decent at. The knives available to me are not very sharp, in general. In fact, they are downright dull.

Several weeks ago, I was slicing bread, and commenting on how dull the knives were. I took one and ran it across my hand, inflicting, of course, no wound, in order to demonstrate my point. Several days later, I was cutting bread again, acting as if the knife were dull. I cut my hand, as the knife had just been sharpened. Because of my contempt for the blade, the one time it was actually dangerous, I didn't take proper precautions.

The moral? The knife that is dull lulls one into a false sense of security. The knife that is always sharp teaches one quickly to be aware.

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