Sunday, March 03, 2019

Age 35: 3 Month Check-in #1


The purpose of this retrospective is to evaluate the progress I've made on my goals (1-, 5- and 10-year) and to see whether adjustments need to be made. I will also reflect on what I've done and whether there are patterns that need to be changed.

Goals so far

First - unfortunately, I never completed my Age 35 goals post, so I will continue using my Age 34 goals as appropriate until that is finished.

I have now missed one pede comic - December 27, 2018. It was shortly after my seizure, however, and I feel that is an adequate excuse. I feel that Pentapede Nation is still going okay, but I am working towards bringing book 5 to a close.

I haven't been biking really at all, but it is winter so that is expected.

Although I didn't compose any new pieces, I did expand an existing piece, "Russian Waltz", for full orchestra (well... full Brighton Orchestra).

Haven't been to a hot springs, but I don't like going up into the mountains in the winter, so that's to be expected.

I'm writing a couple times a week in my journal, which is an improvement, but it is by no means daily. I don't even always write on the days I intend to write.

Good things

Although I am still struggling with bouts of loneliness, I am feeling generally pretty good at the moment. I have been getting out more to social events and meeting new people (I went to a speed dating event on Friday that was fun); I have been playing D&D fairly regularly with Jane and I'm DMing a group myself that includes Chance, Tandy, Kyle, Tyler, Nick and Ben; I'm still hosting movie nights and such. I'm still reading fairly regularly, and I joined a gay book club (the first book I'm reading/listening to is Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahniuk for the 20th [hopefully... they rescheduled last time so I didn't make it, which was just as well since I hadn't read the book]).

Things to improve

  • Although I marked time on my calendar for both composition and practice, I have still utterly failed to do either one.
  • I would still like to locate a fairly regular FWB or boyfriend, although things are definitely moving on this front.
  • For a while, I was getting up and going swimming before work three days a week. However, as the days got shorter and the sun started coming up later, I slacked off. I need to get back into that, or if not swimming, working out somehow.

Other notes

Work has been okay lately. Mostly I've been able to work on a mobile project on my own and not be interrupted, although lately they've been pulling me in to tech lead on some other projects.

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