Thursday, February 22, 2007

Lost in the Googleplex

I had a very strange dream last night.

For some reason, Scott had decided to take me to work with him, so I was at the Googleplex, sitting at a nearby desk. I was trying to hook up my computer to do some work (and all of Google's computers were running Windows CE or ME or something... CLEARLY a dream [or nightmare?!]), and Scott's boss comes along and decides that she wants to hire me for some reason. The wage she offers isn't as much as I'm making now, but it's working for freakin' Google, so I accept. Then, there's a confusing part with beanbag chairs and cookies (?) and Scott and I go down to this bird sanctuary that Google has on their grounds (in the dream). And we go through an igloo to get there. After that refreshing break, Scott starts to give me a tour of the Googleplex. First we go into the area where they keep the "lower-grade" engineers, and then we end up walking through three movie theaters. Thereafter, Scott disappears, and I have to wander about the Googleplex for a while, but then I see some other people that we both know, and he's left us a riddle to try and find him, which is solved quickly. Somewhere in there I realize that I've completely missed the conference that I went to California to attend, too.

Bizarre. I wonder if it means anything, and, if so, what?

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