Thursday, January 30, 2014

GSP - 2013-02-05 to 2014-01-11

Recording this for my own remembrance.

It was amazing, in the beginning. We clicked right away, and got involved pretty quickly. He was smart, funny, energetic, and passionate. As time went on, we became more comfortable with each other, but cracks began to show - he was more outgoing, more interested in going out to concerts or other events. We tended to want to stay in. I believe that was what eventually did us in; complacency in our routine in conflict with his desire to do more and different things.

The end hurt when it came, but we have passed through it and allowed it to change us, hopefully for the better.

I will remember those 340 days fondly, but I hope that they were not the only ones we will get to spend with him. Thank you, Pat.

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