Sunday, June 03, 2018

Age 34: 3 Month Check-in #2


The purpose of this retrospective is to evaluate the progress I've made on my goals (1-, 5- and 10-year) and to see whether adjustments need to be made. I will also reflect on what I've done and whether there are patterns that need to be changed.

Goals so far

Of the goals listed in my Age 34 goals post, I have still missed no Pentapede comics, and in fact I am currently a few weeks ahead of the game (yay!). As this is my second check-in, and it is on-time, I would say that one is going well. I went skiing in late March with coworker Kellen, but it was not a great experience for me and I am unsure whether I want to go again. While I am not biking as regularly as I would like, I am biking more, and I'm using it for transportation on occasion as well - I did get my bike accessories fitted on, including the basket, and I've gone to the grocery store on it a couple times, and the library, and yesterday I rode over to get a haircut. I have been making pretty frequent journal entries, although they are often just a picture of an event or the weather. But I have been including fairly regular write-ups as well. I haven't been hiking or to a hot springs yet this year.

Good things

I continue to spend a lot of time doing things with friends. I have a fairly regular D&D group at the moment, as well as semi-regular Gloomhaven nights with Nick. Trivia has slacked off a bit the past few weeks, but should pick up again as everyone's schedules normalize. I've been trying new things; for example, yesterday Nick, Ben and I finished our cutting boards that we started at I Made It Workshop, which is a wood shop downtown. Cody and I went to the Botanical Gardens in April, which was fun. I've been to a gateway party, finally (it was... okay), and a self-rope course. I've gone to more concerts and shows with various people including Brad & Matt, and I even went to the symphony. And, a couple times now, I've gone to Musical Mondays at Pride and Swagger, which is basically live showtunes karaoke (so great). I even sang once! (It didn't go well, but that's okay.) I've been reading a lot more lately, which is nice.

Most of the time I am content, but I have occasional bouts of loneliness.

Things to improve

  • Although I marked time on my calendar for both composition and practice, I have utterly failed to do either one.
    • I may need to change the time for this, perhaps putting it on a weekend morning.
  • I would still like to locate a fairly regular FWB or boyfriend
    • Although I have been going out more regularly, I haven't been meeting a ton of new people. I need to go to more different events where there are people I don't know. (I've done some, but not nearly enough). There are some meetups coming up that I know about, so I will try to go to those.

Other notes

Work has been mixed. Still struggling to want to do it, but they did give me a raise at least. I might get the opportunity to work from home on a regular basis soon. The house has mostly been OK lately. There was a strange smell for a couple days - almost like maple syrup - but it seems to have abated. Hannah has offered to do yard work, so I've taken her up on the offer.

Additional Items

  • In order to get a piece of music published, I need to
    • Locate and vet music publishers
    • Determine their publication requirements & what they're looking for

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