Thursday, August 30, 2012

planning - Pentapede Nation #12

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LIGASHA: First, we have to get out of these cages
KASHSH: Can't be that hard
SHISHAKH: Those mice were always out
HESHLA: And they were idiots
KASHSH: Maybe there's a defect we can exploit
LIGASHA: Worth a try
SHISHAKH: We could hatch some eggs on the outside
HESHLA: Too long
YNDA: Hey, guys...
YNDA: The doors are open

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

formation of a nation - Pentapede Nation #11

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LIGASHA: It's time to go, to find a place of our own
LIGASHA: where we can be free, to nest in peace
LIGASHA: where we are safe, to a new home
LIGASHA: ... our home

Thursday, August 23, 2012

ian's nightmare - Pentapede Nation #10


(1) Single dream panel; giant pentapedes, and a swarm of smaller pedes, terrorize a city while Ian sleeps fitfully
GIANT PENTAPEDE: Now suffer the wrath of your own genius

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Musopen Kickstarter Complete!

Well, it's been a couple years, but Musopen's Kickstarter has been completed. Congratulations to Aaron Dun for a successful project, and thanks to him for all the work it took!

The announcement is here:

You can find all the music at Musopen, of course, or at the Internet Archive (which has torrents available):

A list of all the music released:

Beethoven - Coriolan Overture
Beethoven - Egmont Overture Op. 84
Beethoven - Symphony No 3 Eroica
Borodin - In The Steppes Of Central Asia
Brahms - Symphony No 1 in C Major
Brahms - Symphony No 2 in D major
Brahms - Symphony No 3
Brahms - Symphony No 4 in E minor
Brahms - Tragic Overture
Bach - Goldberg Variations
Grieg - Peer Gynt
Mendelssohn - Hebrides
Mendelssohn - Italian Symphony
Mendelssohn - Scottish Symphony
Mozart - Magic Flute Overture
Mozart - Marriage Of Figaro
Mozart - Symphony No 40 in G Minor
Rimsky Korsakov - Russian Overture
Schubert - The Piano Sonatas
Smetana - Vltava
Tchaikovsky - Symphony Pathetique

String Quartets:
Beethoven String Quartet in B flat Major Op 18
Borodin String Quartet No 1
Borodin String Quartet No 2
Dvorak - American in F major
Dvorak Quartet in F Major Op 51
Haydn Quartet in D Major Op.64
Mendelssohn Quartet in F Minor Op 80
Mozart Quartet D Minor K421
Mozart Quartet in C Major K 465
Suk - Meditation

logan's plot 2 - Pentapede Nation #9

LOGAN: They’re smarter than you think; they’re plotting an escape
IAN: That’s ridiculous, they couldn’t get out of their cages
LOGAN: They will. You think they'll obey you? We have to destroy them.
IAN: We won’t! They won't...

Thursday, August 16, 2012

logan's plot - Pentapede Nation #8

(1) Logan is talking to Ligasha
LOGAN: His plan has always been to use you to terrorize people.
LIGASHA: We won’t, we’ll flee, we’ll hide. I’ve told him that.
LOGAN (while leaving): Then how long before he disposes of you?
LIGASHA (& other pentapedes): ...

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

logan's request - Pentapede Nation #7

LOGAN: What was the last thing we accomplished that made the papers?
IAN: We haven’t accomplished anything. I started the L.A. arachnicat infestation.
LOGAN: Yes, but they turned out to make great pets. We could’ve made a fortune, instead of hiding in this damp bunker.
LOGAN: I just want more say in what we do.
IAN: Then start taking more initiative.
LOGAN: Fine.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

cortex and lefty


(1) Closeup of mouse cage containing Cortex & Lefty (two mice)
CORTEX: Another plot foiled by your antics!
LEFTY: Oh well, there’s always tomorrow!
(2) (C & L continue squeaking as Ian holds them over the Pentapede cage)
IAN (on phone): They keep getting out of their cages! And I think one has brain cancer. I can't use them.
(3) (Ian throws C & L into pentapede cage, where they’re devoured)
IAN: No, I’m changing directions anyway. Send a refund.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012



(1) Logan is talking to Ian
LOGAN: I can make them dumb and vulnerable only to our sprays. We make a bunch more and turn them loose
LOGAN: People clamour for help against the infestation, and we’ll make millions.
IAN: You sound like a comic book villain. Plus you got it wrong once already
(3) (Ian departs)
IAN: It’s not worth it, not yet
LOGAN: Will it ever be?

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