Friday, March 09, 2018

Age 34: 3 Month Check-in #1


The purpose of this retrospective is to evaluate the progress I've made on my goals (1-, 5- and 10-year) and to see whether adjustments need to be made. I will also reflect on what I've done and whether there are patterns that need to be changed.

Goals so far

Of the goals listed in my Age 34 goals post, I am coming along on my "No missed pede comics". I have scheduled time to work on by check-ins, of which this is the first. I have written in my diary perhaps once every few weeks, and I have plans to go skiing later this month. There's still a lot of things left on that list, but then there's still a lot of the year left, too. We're finally coming out of winter, so I expect to be able to accomplish the outdoors goals more easily in the next few months.

Good things

I'm spending a lot of time doing things with friends, often playing games, doing trivia and watching movies. It's good. For the most part, I am content. I have been eating less meat (though by no means none) and this has been pretty doable.

Things to improve

  • I need to be composing regularly so that I'm in the habit, and so that I can get the two pieces out that I want to this year
    • I should set aside time for both this and practice on my calendar
  • I need to practice regularly on viola and keyboard if I'm going to get any better
  • I would like to locate a fairly regular FWB or boyfriend
    • I can start going out to different events more frequently

Other notes

Played all the way through Pandemic Legacy Season 2 with Nick, Garrett and Rob! We won, but kinda just barely. Brighton had a good Homespun concert, and I premiered my piece "Reverie" for harp and woodwinds. It could've gone better, but according to mom it could stand to be revised anyway. At homespun, Tessa, Ruth and I played some chamber music by a friend of mine that went quite well. There was electrical work that needed to be done on the house (and not inexpensive, either), but it's just about paid off.

Additional Items

  • In order to get a piece of music published, I need to
    • Locate and vet music publishers
    • Determine their publication requirements & what they're looking for
  • I need to get my bike fitted with the nice equipment I got for Christmas

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